Friday, August 27, 2010

Dreadful People With More Money Than Taste

I have friends who seem to confuse expense and advertising with taste, class and status. The finer things in life such as the family silver, the family china and the family crystal have ceased to be lovingly used and handed down from generation to generation. Today they are acquired at a wedding and returned for cash. Even inherited family treasures and heirlooms drift to eBay during times of hardship. This causes great sadness for me as a way of life drifts further and further away.

The horrid flip side of this are people with more money than taste who delude themselves into thinking that such refinement can simply be purchased on consultation with a commissioned sales clerk who is poised to sell people what is best selling and moderately expensive. My personal nightmare is being invited to dinner where the china is Lenox Westchester, the silver is Wallace Grand Baroque and the crystal is Baccarat Massena.

I think I would lose my appetite.


  1. Not a fan of the Baroque silver patterns either (unless the pieces are inherited). But if I were invited to dinner and the host served dinner on ANY china / silver / crystal ... I'm sure I would be delighted. That only happens at family dinners ... so I really couldn't say for sure though.

  2. I love a woman who wields the subjunctive correctly.

  3. LVTR - one of my pet peeves ... truly.


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