Sunday, September 19, 2010

Types of services.

There are times when traditional service plates/chargers are required for the formal table. They are the grandest of plates in the category of display/under-plates.

However, those that understand the rules, may break the rules. One, if one so chooses to, may break free from the constraints of the rigors of English Service, French Service and that most pragmatic service of all, Russian Service and create a service all their own.

As I collect china, I tend to place EVERYTHING on an under-plate. This includes plates that already HAVE an under-plate,.

Bouillon cups and their under-plate look rather solitary, however, placed on another, grander, hopefully gold encrusted charger, they come into their own. When one is giving a twelve course dinner, on must never skimp on the presentation. As for me, hand washing another sixty slightly used plates is of no bother considering the effort in providing both bread AND circus. I also do a napkin exchange after salad and before desert. While a large damask napkin, 22" square+, is lovely for the main courses, the joy in taking out the delicate Point de Venise, or you favorite luncheon napery, for the latter courses cannot be overstated.

Excess done well is sublime.

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